Work Options for Indian Students

Most of the Indian students have a full-time job of attending classes, finishing homework and preparing for examinations. However, for some students, classes and exams are easy, hence, they look out for work options. With the increase in number of start-ups, part-time job and freelancer work has become common in India. Asphire- an online job marketplace highlights the best options for students to make money and get work experience.

Part Time Jobs

Data Entry Jobs

If you are keen at collecting information and compiling it, data entry specialist is the perfect job for you. Companies may pay on depending on the amount of data collected or they set a target to achieve on daily basis.

Delivery Boy Jobs

Those who have access to a two-wheeler perfectly fit this option. With the increase in number of ecommerce companies, you may choose the employer you want to work for. Being a delivery boy, you may also earn some perks from the company.

BPO Jobs

BPO is a blooming industry and it is a great place not only to make money but also to learn professional ethics. Customer care jobs help to improve interpersonal skills and communication skills as well. Interaction with customers and listening to them will help you to get better with people. These skills will be useful in every sphere irrespective of the career you choose.

Start looking for part time or full time data entry jobs, delivery boy jobs and BPO jobs in J&K, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and Chandigarh through www.apshire.in


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