Business, human resources, skill development : An Online Job Marketplace For Entry Level and Blue-Collar Workers

Asphire is a unique online job marketplace that connects entry level and blue-collar workers to mainstream employers and skill development agencies in India in an affordable and convenient manner.

According to statistics of CII, around 86% of the 500 million Indian workforce accounts for informal sector. Every year, approximately 12 million people join the workforce. Thus, it can be estimated that it will add around 25% to world’s workforce over the coming two decades.

Online Job Marketplace.jpg

The portal was conceived with the sole aim of bridging the digital divide and maintaining the socio-economic balance. It was created as a common pool for job seekers, employers, consultants and skill development agencies related to entry level and blue-collar hiring. This segment relies on unstructured sources to find the jobs. While Indian government is taking initiatives to empower India as a manufacturing hub by 2020 along with Digital India in full swing, Asphire strives to bridge the gap between all the stakeholders of recruitment industry in a unique, easily accessible and low-cost nation-wide online job marketplace. It facilitates a user-friendly access to myriad of jobs and candidates for various profiles such as accountant job, sales executive jobs, delivery boy jobs, driver jobs, BPO jobs, data entry jobs and receptionist jobs in different states J&K, Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi.


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