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Most of the blue-collar workers in India are young, full of energy and have dreams in their eyes but most of them are not employed and are stuck in the middle of their lives. Researchers prove that India still lacks a connecting medium for both job seekers and job providers in blue-collar segment. Though, jobs and seekers both are in abundance but there is no medium that can avert the gap between the two. There has always been an issue in this unorganized sector to match the skills with employment.

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Asphire- The Translator

Asphire is the online job marketplace where every party such as job seekers, employers, consultants, and skill development agencies related to blue-collar and entry-level hiring are connected at a common platform. To facilitate the job seekers, we connect to potential job seekers through our on-ground vendors, newspaper classifieds and radio commercials. The sole purpose of this networking is to provide the available job opportunities to deserving candidates.

With its presence over North India, the portal has thousands of job seekers registered with it for various positions such as accountant jobs, sales executive jobs, cook jobs, maid jobs, BPO jobs, delivery boy jobs, receptionist jobs and data entry jobs at different locations such as J&K, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and Chandigarh.


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