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The Blue-Collar Jobs and

The days have gone when a job seeker had to travel places to find a perfect job. Going out randomly in the sun looking for a job always results in failure for most of the job seekers. Ultimately, the job seekers lose patience and end up brooding over the system. So is the case of job providers. Newspaper classifieds and other sources fail to lend them the perfect fit for their organization.


Over the next two decades, India is likely to add 25% individuals to the workforce of world. If statistics are to be believed, approximately 86% of 500 million workforces account for blue-collar or specifically unorganized sector in India. Hence, a reliable and easy to use job marketplace is much needed in India.

Comprehending the facts and statistics, is an online job portal bridging the gap between job seekers and job providers through skill development agencies while catering to 23 job different job categories such as BPO jobs, sales executives jobs, driver jobs, security guard jobs, accountant jobs and data entry jobs. The portal commenced its operations at Chandigarh. However, within a short span of its genesis it emerged as preferred job portal. There fore, it expanded its operations in J&K, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi as well.


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