Business, human resources, skill development : A Market Place for Blue Collar Jobs in India

We have several online job portals in India that serve different job seekers to get the right job. However, when it comes to blue collar and entry-level workers, there are only few players. Finding a good domestic worker or a blue-collar worker for organizations is a tough task. But, if we talk particularly about the workers then it is tougher for them to find a good job.Job portal

It has always been an issue in an unorganized sector to find the perfect match for blue-collar workers with available jobs in the market. For such workers, Asphire has emerged as a marketplace catering to the needs and aspirations of this segment.

Unfortunately, this class of workers lack resources such as internet access. Therefore, there is also an issue of information asymmetry. To resolve it completely, Asphire brings skill development agencies into play and probe the latest job updates, skill development schemes and training programs in India to serve the potential candidates.

The portal looks after BPO jobs, sales jobs, driver jobs, maid jobs, cook jobs, delivery boy jobs, receptionist jobs, data entry jobs, accountant jobs and other similar job categories in Chandigarh, Punjab, Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and other states of North India.


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