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Why India’s Informal Job Sector is Joining Job Sites?

For two years, Ramesh Sahni, an IT professional at Chandigarh turned to local agencies to find a housekeeper to take care of his child during the day and a driver to pick and drop his wife.

With each hire, he had to pay a certain amount to agency. Many housekeepers and drivers even left out after few month stints. However, he believed that it was in a ploy to earn more by the agencies. He had many bad experiences in domestic help hiring. Finally, he found an online job site abandoning the agencies.

Domestic help in India is an integral part of the society and it is a vast market. A few ardent and young companies in India are putting in its endeavors to tap into this market. They are trying to introduce a more professional pedigree.

Asphire, the start-up fulfilled the requirements of Mr. Sahni. It is an online job portal bridging the gap between job seekers and job providers. The portal posts job in 25 different categories related to blue-collar and entry level segments. Since its inception in 2015, it has listed thousands of jobs and job seekers across North India.


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