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Be Alert and Avoid Falling Into Job Scams

With increasing rate of unemployment, a number of curious candidates are falling prey to job scammers. Job scamming is not limited to the organizations suffering from recession. India has also witnessed a share of job scams, such as rural jobs scam where forged scams acting as revenue for meandering government legitimates.

Job Scams


To prevent job scams, you should be attentive to the manner recruitment industry is seasoned. So, how you may come to know whether the job offer is real or not? Scammers generally do not have an interview procedure. No matter you are being offered a babysitter job or a marketing job, employer will always call you for an interview. Scammers may even pose it as global position and thus may give it as an excuse not to call. Next point is the visa application. For global position, visa application is always initiated by the employer. And the application is processed at official consulate not via a virtual immigration consultant. If the employer asks you to call the consultant, it is clearly an indication that they just want to pass-out with your hard-earned money.
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