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Blue Collar Jobs: The Gaps and Asphire

With a vast pool of blue collar workers that exceeds 370 million; it is a challenge for Indian government to create millions of employment opportunities. Over the coming decade, it will become a more painstaking task as the working population aged between 15 and 64 will upsurge by 125 million.


Due to unemployment affairs, the low-skilled workers are migrating to other countries to hunt for openings. However, the salary may not be significant there but the point is that they have a job at least to upkeep their families. Along with quantity issue there lie problems with quality too.

The aforementioned gaps arise due to two major reasons. One is the skill or local training gap and other is information gap. Asphire plays a vital role in averting these gaps. It is an online portal which facilitates access to skill or training related information and employment related information to registered job seekers and providers. Asphire is a unique platform and bridges these gaps by connecting to employees, employers, recruiters, consultants and skills development agencies. We ensure comprehensive and impeccable services offering a range of hiring packages that can be customized as per one’s aspirations. For more information, explore  


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