Business, human resources, skill development – Restructuring the Blue Collar Job Segment in India

We, at Asphire strongly believe that blue collar workers (often called an informal sector) are an asset to an organization. They are the major contributors to help our economy to grow. But there has always been an issue finding the right employers and right candidates in this category. It is considered as an arduous task specifically in urban areas as they do not tend to get a right person they wish to hire.

Job Portal.jpg

Generally people take the help of agencies. But it is often seen that these agencies overcharge both employees and employers. Hence, online job portals are the only solution. Asphire is a unique portal catering to 25 different job categories such as drivers, maids, cooks, security guards, clerks, delivery boys, receptionists, front office executives and other similar jobs.

Minimizing the gap between employees, employers, recruiters and skill development agencies, Asphire is the leading online job portal in North India. With the use of technology the portal is serving the entry level and blue collar job segment. Since, inception, the portal has registered numerous job seekers and job providers. The portal has also tied up with skill development agencies to assure the skill development and thus find better opportunities of livelihood.


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