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How Startups are Transforming the Face of Blue-Collar Segment?

Online retail business has set off a boom in Indian economy. With this boom, startups have to work with the larger blue-collar workforce. Digital startups and blue-collar workforce are two different components. Former is the aspect of new economy while latter is an aspect of old economy. And if new economy has to burgeon then integration of these two becomes a pertinent component.

It is a big challenge to manage the two different worlds. And there comes the role of logistics partners who are capable of doing it. Hiring the talent that will keep the growing pace of an organization is pivotal and obviously startups find it more challenging and time consuming. Logistics partners are responsible for finding, hiring, paying and firing this category. However, their training (class room & on field) and monitoring the service standards is the credibility of the organization.

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It is really a painstaking task to find and hire the best talent due to competitive atmosphere and unionism. To tackle the issue, online job portals are handful. There are only few portals that are dedicated to blue-collar workforce. Out of these few, Asphire is one-of-its kind portal that connects employees, employers and skill development agencies under one roof. It is a leading platform for the stakeholders of blue-collar and entry level white collar job segments.

With the evolution of new concepts in recruitment and boom in startups, the day is not far off when we will see the new face of this informal segment.


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