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How Online Job Portals Are Making Difference in Hiring Blue Collar Workers?

Finding a driver or a maid or a cook can be an easy task for you. But finding a good job for them is not that easier. Blue-collar segment has always been referred as an organized sector. There are numerous jobs available in the market but its categorization and reach to right candidates is not a cake walk. Bridging the gap, online job portals came to rescue. These portals fill the gap and connect the employees and employers at common platform


Among the numerous industry players, Asphire is also one of the leading online job portals serving this sector. Unlike other portals, it is a platform that connects every stakeholder related to recruitment industry be it an employee, an employer, a consultant or a skill development agency. Initially, Asphire launched its services in Chandigarh only. Within no time it emerged as one of the best manpower service providers in Chandigarh. Now it is present in Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. Catering to 25 different job categories such as drivers, cooks, maids, receptionists, security guards, delivery boys and many more, Asphire is an effective and economical online job portal in North India.

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