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3 Bizarre Problems While Hiring Blue Collar Workers

Organizations consider many factors while hiring white-collar workers. They find out numerous ways to retain their white collar workforce. But it is just opposite in case of blue-collar workers. Blue collar job segment is often the neglected one due to high attrition rate. Organizations find it tougher to hire this category because it is an informal sector. There are many reasons behind this while the major ones are discussed here:

for monday hiring problem 1

No Dedicated Job Portal

No job portal is dedicated to blue collar workers hiring. Hence, it becomes difficult to trace the deserving candidates and thus hiring has been made tougher.

No Recruitment Consultant

There are fewer recruitment consultants for this category as compared to white-collar employees.

Not Enough Skills

The major challenge in this category is the lack of skilled workers. People who look out for job are not enough skilled or trained as per the requirements.

Taking blue collar hiring as a challenge, Asphire is an online job portal to make is a smoother process. The portal connects the job seekers to find the job, job providers to find the candidates and government skill development agencies to introduce their skills development plans.

Asphire is the leading platform and is one of the best manpower service providers in Chandigarh, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.


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