Business, human resources, skill development – An Emerging Name In Hiring Blue Collar Workers

India is a country that is marching in the right direction to become a developed country. If we talk particularly about recruitment industry then there is high rate of attrition and migration as well. Not only is it observed in white collar category workers but also in blue collar category workers. Reason of migration is the better work culture and high salaries.

To make India itself a better country in terms of livelihood and work culture, present government has iterated many plans to work on this. But the most important sphere is the creation of online job portals focused on blue collar workers hiring so that a strong database is created for the same and it is not possible without incorporation of private sector.


Comprehending the fact, Asphire is first-of-its-kind online job portals in North India for blue collar hiring. The different thing about the platform is that it brings together job seekers, job providers such as employers & consultants and the government skill development agencies. The portal has also been considered as one of the best manpower service providers in Chandigarh. Over a short span, the platform has created buzz in the market by registering thousands of job seekers and job providers. Currently it is based in Chandigarh and Ludhiana but it is operating in other states like Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh as well. However, Asphire has already set the benchmarks in this industry but yes; there is a long way to go.


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