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Asphire- An Initiative to Re- Structure the Unstructured Blue- Collar Job Segment

Our office boy recommended his brother-in-law for a driver position, when one of my colleagues asked for a driver. In another case while my neighbour asked for a cook, my maid referred her sister. Undoubtedly, blue-collar job segment is totally dependent on these kinds of recommendations and references.

But with the changing era, aspirations in blue-collar workers and their recruitments are changing. Now, job seekers in this category are looking for a secured career with reputed firms that can pay them well. Understanding the fact, Asphire is first-of-its-kind initiative to serve this segment. It is one of the best online job portals in North India connecting the right job seekers with right employers. It is a platform that is dedicated to re-structure the unorganized blue-collar segment.

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The major tool in helping these job seekers is the internet. It connects the employers with right candidates who cannot access internet. However, this segment of workers is most connected through calls and testing only. So, Asphire has the widest network bringing the deserving candidates online while connecting itself through different mediums such as government organizations, on ground vendors, newspaper classifieds, etc. Providing free services to job seekers, the company charges employers a minimal amount depending on the hiring plan they choose.

Asphire is an innovative portal that can be looked upon leveraging the networking techniques and thus, overlaying technology to re-structure this market.


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