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Asphire- An Evolution In Recruitment Industry

India is the second most populous country in world after China. There are more people, hence more workers are found but are they working in right field? Answer might be no. There is huge difference between job requirements and the right skills. To eliminate this different prevalent recruitment process has to undergo a major transformation where hiring is done after matching the candidate’s abilities.

Current Scenario

It is the age digitalization yet only 17% of the population use smart phone and approximately 260 million people use internet. To achieve the targeted transformation in recruitment, internet technology can be weighed effectively.

Asphire jobs

In pursuit of bringing stakeholder at common platform and forming a distinct and fluid marketplace, Asphire is an evolutionary initiative. It is one of the best online job portals in Chandigarh that connect the right jobs matching the candidate’s skills.  Categorizing 25 different job segments such as baby sitter, beautician, cook, driver, security guard, delivery boys, waiter, back office executives, call centre executives, clerk jobs, data entry operators and many more, the portal is expertise in recruiting blue collar workers and entry level white collar employees. Huge database of deserving candidates has been formed through multiple data collection centers such as on ground vendors, radio commercials, newspaper classifieds and job fairs etc. However, with the burgeoning market and advanced technology, the concept is about to bring a revolution over pan-India.


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