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Job consultants, or recruiters, or placement recruiters or recruitment consultants- these are synonyms as their function is same. They bring companies and matching candidates at one platform by bridging the gaps. If one asks the reasons to hire a recruitment consultancy, well, there are plenty enough as they play an indispensable role in providing recruitment solutions. These days many placement consultants have created a forte for themselves in recruitment industry. That is why companies are turning to recruiters to get the ideal candidates. If you are looking for a consultant for bulk hiring in North India, Asphire is the right recruitment partner for you.

Advantages of Choosing ASPHIRE.IN

At, we truly believe in delivering beyond expectations without any hassles. We are one of the most reputed manpower service providers in Chandigarh and thus bring out what we commit. You might be wondering why you should choose Asphire, here are some of the benefits-

Huge Database– We have huge database of job seekers befitting and catering the needs of your industry.

Job Posting– Post your category specific along with initial screening questions to make the process easier.

Cost Effective– With automated promotion system, Asphire taps the right candidate which is not only efficient but also cost effective.


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